Be still, my Soul…
 This bottle in my hands is the original Valor from 2015… Yup, I’ve held on to it and savor each little life giving drop. I won’t even put it on my skin, I only smell from the bottle.   Did you know that the body is extremely intelligent and when you use your oils topically, in your diffuser, or internally that body of yours is so dang smart it knows exactly what to do so you can just sit back and let the life of that oil do its work? Wild right!? Trust me God created these drops of miracles and I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing…
 But why Valor?… this blend of oils was formulated to balance energies and instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. I would have to say we might just feel challenged in these areas from time to time. And yes we still make this amazing oil...
 Also what you don’t know, I have been going through some things and still struggling with not being able to feel grounded in this lifestyle, the anniversary of my Mom’s passing in seven days, trying to balance my life in 325 square feet with a husband and two dogs.

 I’ve been deep in a Bible study about stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts and if you are a believer then you know we are in a spiritual battle. I have been knocked off course and attacked for over a week now. It’s been dark and lonely.
 Enough of that… I really want you to understand there are power in the oils, the Almighty and we/I can choose to live in the dark space or get off my ass, pray, and oil up and fight!!  Fight for what I know to be true. Why do you think our brand is called Truth in Oils??
 When I smell this beautiful blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense there is a calming effect that I can feel from the moment I open the bottle. Valor is used to help us overcome fear and opposition so we can stand tall during adversity. (think attack of the mind here) Remember, I am in battle. For me when I use Valor, smelling it creates this sense of "I am confident in what I believe" and this brings calmness to my mind and body. Just the way the oils are intended to work… No coincidence. It’s just how it works.  Your body knows because the oils come from Mother Nature and you really don’t know exactly what the benefits might be if you never tried them.
 The battle between evil and good will not end until it does and until then I have the resources I can choose to use to help with the dark days… Pray, oil, and Faith.
 Amb :)

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  1. You are such a blessing my friend. God Bless@😊😎💋

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