I am going to try and formulate my feelings into words about how magical this time in Keys has been. Or should I say this IS or WAS our first time here…
 I never knew I was so drawn to the water until my Mom passed away and we went to the Outer Banks so I could have some quiet time on her birthday… I have never felt so grounded, calmer, more at peace, comfortable, at ease… this is a picture of the sand in the Outer Banks NC. It is so weird to me to be drawn to the water/beach because I have never thought of myself as a beach girl. I think what I find so freeing is the openness of the water and how I don't feel enclosed. I can see out and I love how that makes me feel. I can breathe....  Life has a way of showing you things and really it’s up to you to pay attention.
 Fast forward several months and hubby Greg and I found ourselves in the Keys for two weeks waiting on a RV repair slot to open up. We had no idea what we were stepping into.   Mesmerized by the water color and temperature of the air. There was that feeling again…feelings of comfort and calmness that I just don’t feel anywhere else. Is this a premonition, a whisper from the Almighty as to what is around the corner for us??? Does Greg feel this too?
 We are currently bouncing down the road on that seven-mile-long bridge, water on both sides of us, sitting in complete quiet. He looked at me and said we will come back…
 I asked several people that we met what brought them to the Keys?? Each one had a different story and each one said the same thing… I never left. Each one with their own set of different reasons for coming here but they all said the exact same thing…I just never left. I am feeling the same pull of the magic of this Caribbean vibe that plays with all your senses and hypnotizes and lures you to never leave. What is this??
 We have already talked about how could we spend several months down here and see if this is where we are supposed to be. Is this trickery of the Caribbean magic or are people really happy down here?? I am seriously very happy floating in this crystal clear water...  Life in the Keys is so laid back from what we can tell and the people we talked with said they would not live anywhere else and in fact the owner of the Crooked Rooster said she was allergic to the cold and has no intention of ever leaving…
 I think about Hemingway and how he did some of his best writing here. The energy is different. The color of the water is all colors of the shade of blue and turquoise. The Conch fritters, grouper, shrimp, and that Cuban toast and those Roosters!! Here is picture of Hemingway taken inside his house.   We kayaked with my beautiful daughter who flew in from the Seattle area and she herself was mesmerized. I’m telling you…this place will pull you in and it will be interesting to see if we can stay away….  Now I just have to figure out how to bring myself back to chaos that awaits on the other side…the mainland.

Amb :)


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