First thing this morning after sleeping in 'til after 9 I read a post from a friend of mine who hit a milestone with her side hustle job. The one thing that stood out to me was the fact that she mentioned the word fun... Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement; boisterous joviality or merrymaking; entertainment". Although particularly associated with recreation and play, it may be encountered during working time. Ahhh...there it is!! Working time.
She actually wrote that she had to remind herself just how fun this business can be. She is exactly right!! I often tell hubby Greg I would constantly work because I love it so much!! I am married so not sure how he would take it if all I did was work though... so in reality I don't have to and I do enjoy spending time with my good looking husband and wiener dogs while we travel the US towing our 35 foot trailer. This is me in the Florida Keys. Yup I just woke up! :)
Part of what I do is share the business opportunity to people and I often hear them reply with this statement "I am not good at sales!" I have thought about that for a very long time. Sales... Hmmmm.....
I run an amazing group on social media sharing information about the products I use in hope to inspire others to try them and see if they get the same enjoyment or health benefits that I have received. Is that sales?? Sharing something that has changed your life for the good?? It doesn't feel that way to me but in a sense it is. I absolutely do not think you have to be "good in sales" to share what you love though...
I heard once, if you were using a product that was life changing and you never told your best friend and she found out, how do you think that would make her feel? I don't know about you, but I would be disappointed and hurt. This isn't the only reason why I do what I do...
I love helping others. I love sharing!! I love creating a post on social or writing a blog post about an experience I've had. Makes me happy. In fact, a team member is just about to hit a milestone rank this month!!  Do you think that would make me happy?? Heck yeah that does!!
We chat back in forth (when I have a cell signal) and collaborate about "all" the things!! Just so you know this is her side hustle too!! She has a full time job and really wants to share Young Living full time and you know what?? It's happening!! She is making this happen for herself.
So the reason why I am sitting behind my computer instead of sitting in the beautiful sun right now is to tell you how awesome this side gig is and to also tell you it IS fun!! I never feel like I am working ever!! I love it so much!  The people! The products/oils! The ability to have a life of freedom the way YOU want it. It may not look like my life...because freedom is different for everyone. It may be to pay off your car or get a new one. Or pay for your kid’s education. Buy that bad ass diamond ring you have had your eye on :) or...this makes me emotional... give in a very large way to someone in need with no intention of ever getting paid back. That is my goal. So I want to help you!! Whoever you are. I really want to inspire you to just share your experiences and what you love with your friends and family.  
Oh!! And have a seat at our table!!

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  1. I read all your posts & letters! I love ‘real’ from the heart! I tend to reveal my own heart and soul but I seem to be in a fighting mode... trying to ‘right’ what I feel is wrong! The old ‘Perception is Reality’ theory was thrown at me... by a couple of loved ones!! I said ‘NO’! Perception is NOT Reality! I argue with ‘words’ ‘ phrases’ ..others perceptions constantly! Why can’t I just ‘go placidly amongst the noise and haste.... (The Desirada) hanging on our wall!! I can’t!! I’m not sure what fun, peace and happiness is? But I suppose I’m still searching! We cannot stop searching.. maybe ‘finding’ is our final destination!!! I’m sure theres moments of happiness... fleeting , but there! Just lately it’s hard to hold on to those moments! I think I understand partially how you must feel.. but whether you know it or not.. you brighten my days, the brightest smile I know!!! I love tagging along on your journey!! 💕

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